Product Code: CM0050990#master

Sylvania LS LED under cabinet light warm white 3000K various lengths

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The new LS LED Range luminaires have been specifically designed to illuminate surfaces under kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Flexibility is a key advantage of the range as itís available with direct connectors allowing surface mounting of up to 10 luminaires in a row, and with flexible lead for wider spacing and corner connections. LS LED Range comes with a EURO plug for ease of installation, a structured diffuser and integrated switches.

  • Ultra slim cross section 36mm x 31mm
  • Built-in switch
  • Energy and maintenance savings of up to 75%
  • Supplied with power supply cables, link cable and stainless steel mounting clips
  • Class II, double insulated
  • Long life 30,000 hours

Length and output of each unit is:-

10W       628mm       595 lumens

15W       916mm       890 lumens

20W       1204mm     1165 lumens

Please allow space to one side for the power supply cable