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Pet dog bowl Vitajuwel CrownJuwel crystal water slate grey bite resistant 21cm

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Your dog will instantly fall in love with its new GemWater bowl. We believe that pets are instinctively drawn by the best water they can get their four paws on. Like humans, animals consist mainly of water. That's why water is important for your dog's well-being. Choose the best water for your vital animal!

  • Created with the help of Veterinarians
  • Sturdy and bite resistant surface made of bamboo **
  • Gemstones inside the GemPod (made from glass) vitalize the water
  • Gemstone blend is tailored to the special needs of cats and dogs
  • Bowl measures 21cm diameter x 11cm high and will hold approx. 500ml of water

Gemstones consist of jade (nephrite) vitality, Peridot balance, Mangano calcite social behaviour, Clear quartz awareness, Brown Agate strength

** 70% bamboo/cornstarch/wood. 30% artificial resin

Heavenly gemwater

For centuries, people enlivened their drinking water with gemstones. We thought it was about time to share this wonderful tradition with our four legged friends. Living water like fresh from a mountain spring. With the power of hand-selected gemstones.